Articles Of Incorporation

Whether you are incorporating federally or provincially in Canada, the articles of incorporation are a legal requirement. These documents are designed to provide the legal structure of your corporation. Additionally, this document includes the appointment of the corporation's first director(s) and the designation of its registered head office.

We make it easy!

When forming a corporation for the first time, the information and paperwork that needs to be processed can be complicated and confusing. As specialists in Canadian incorporation, our services and products are designed to simplify the process, allowing business owners to focus on their company.

For businesses looking to incorporate in Canada, IncorpDirect can help them do so federally anywhere in Canada or provincially in Ontario and Quebec. Each process has different requirements and offers different advantages. Provincial registration, for example, is typically cheaper but doesn't offer the same nationwide protection as a federal registration.

When using the services of IncorpDirect Inc., we will take care of the preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation and make sure that everything is done correctly and in a timely manner.

Not only do we believe in offering the best service in the industry, but we also believe in making it as affordable as possible.

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