Corporate Profile Report (Ontario) - Certified

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Request a corporation's current information as it appears on the public record.

You can obtain a list of active directors, officers and historical information such as name history, or the company history if an amalgamation has taken place.

Making changes to your company information? Ie: Director/officer changes?
Obtain a corporate profile report if you have any doubt at all as to who your directors and/or officers are on record.

Reports are normally emailed within one hour of purchase, unless delays due to volume. All reports are now certified.

IncorpDirect Fee$99.95
Certified Report
Legal name
Ontario Corporation Number
Total $99.95

What our customers are saying

ken Tessis LIT Goldhar & Associates Trustee in Bankruptcy
Apr 19, 2021
fast efficient service & support when needed
Philip Morrissey
Mar 31, 2021
Pauline Jackson
Jan 2, 2021
Perfect solutions
Nov 13, 2020
Esther Libman
Dec 9, 2019
Super easy to use. Got my Corporation Profile Report within minutes. Highly recommend.

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