Quebec General Partnership

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In order to have a General Partnership in the province of Québec it must first be registered.

Upon registration you will obtain your Numéro d'entreprise de Québec (NEQ). A General Partnership registration does not protect the name.

Registration of your trade name will not protect the name as others can register this same trade name. Only incorporation protects your name in the province of Québec.

Please note that your registered partnership will have S.E.N.C. at the end, this is standard and stands for "Société en nom collectif".

Same Day registration!

Current processing times for TPS/TVQ registrations are 7-14 business days.

IncorpDirect Fee$189.00
Government Fee
Name search
Small Business Credit Guide (Details)
Tax registration (GST & QST)
Payroll registration (Federal and Provincial)
Import/Export Account
Electronic delivery
Total $189.00

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