Quebec Shelf Company - Inc date: 2021-06-22

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The shelf company you have chosen has a numbered name. Should you wish to make any changes to the corporation, such as the legal name, adding a trade name, for example, please review and select from the options below.

If you have no changes to make we will transfer the company as it is, upon receipt of the required forms.

Please select Order Now in order to begin the process and secure the company.

IncorpDirect Fee$2,600.00
Same-day service
SAME DAY SERVICE ensures you will receive the share transfer agreement on the day of purchase if the company is purchased before 4 pm., otherwise it will be done the following business day. Upon receipt of the signed documents and proof of identity by email we will transfer the company. If these documents are received after 4 pm the transfer will be processed the following business day. If you do not select same day service the document preparation and transfer will be completed in a standard timeline of 2-3 business days. Same Day Service does not apply to additional services such as name changes or tax registration as these cannot be completed the same day.
Name amendment (govt fee $343.95, name search incl.)
Tax registration (QST, GST & Corporate Income Tax Account)
Payroll registration
Previous Effective Date
Import / Export Account
Deluxe Minute Book (Includes slip case and name plate)
Corporate seal
Additional share certificates (View)
Small Business Credit Guide (Details)
Minute Book Language
Total $2,600.00


All purchasers of shelf corporations who pay by credit card will be asked to provide the following without exception:

Photocopies of:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. The front and back of the credit card used for the purchase of the corporation. The cardholder MUST be the purchaser of the company or the transaction will be cancelled

This is in addition to documents that will be provided for signature as part of the shelf company transfer process.

If you are unable to provide the above your purchase will not be accepted.

Please note: Bank deposits, electronic transfers and wires are exempt from the above conditions

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