Customized Minute Books from $150

Choose from 3 traditional styles and our Digital Minute Book

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Includes customized by-laws, resolutions, registers and share certificates

IncorpDirect Inc. only sells customized minute books. Beware of our competitors who will sell you “incomplete minute books” and you must prepare and customize by-laws, resolutions, registers and share certificates yourself. And at a higher cost!

One easy application and we ship your minute book ready for you to sign. It can't get any easier!


Black vinyl

Premium binder

Premium binder with slipcase
(corporate seal sold separately)

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Our services Prices from
Digital Minute Book - Federal (Canada) $99.95
Digital Minute Book - Ontario $99.95
Digital Minute Book - Quebec $99.95
Minute Book - Federal (Canada) - Traditional $150.00
Minute Book - Ontario - Traditional $150.00
Minute Book - Quebec - Traditional $150.00

Q. Why do you need a minute book?

A. Important papers can get lost or misfiled. We receive calls for misplaced documents. It happens all the time.

Minute books are mandatory for Quebec corporations. If you are incorporated elsewhere in Canada it is strongly recommended that you purchase a minute book for your company.

A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents, such as:

  • the articles of incorporation
  • minutes of shareholders and directors meetings
  • stock certificates, tax filings
  • by-laws and other legal documents


Your minute book ensures that your corporate documents are kept in a single location and can be easily consulted when the need arises. If there is ever a dispute about a company matter, the minute book contains record of your corporation's initial by-laws and resolutions and any changes.